South End Rowing Club

South End Rowing Club

Rowing at the South End
The South End Rowing Club is the greatest and oldest sport club in San Francisco! South Enders have been rowing on the Bay since 1873. We enjoy both leisurely morning rows, and competitive athletic regattas throughout the year.
Popular annual rowing regattas hosted by the South End include the Norm Petersen Regatta, Jack London Oakland Row, Tom & Jerry’s Three Buoy Regatta, and the Wooden Boat Classic. The South End’s Bridge to Bridge Regatta has been held every September since 1978, and welcomes guest rowers from throughout California, as they compete on a Bay course rounding both the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.
Beyond the South End, our club members have recently competed in national regattas including the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, San Diego Crew Classic, Lake Tahoe Rowing Regatta, the Open Ocean Regatta in Sausalito, and many more. In fact, in 2012, one South Ender rowed with a crew of 4 in the first rowboat crossing of the Arctic Ocean.
The Fleet
The South End maintains a fleet of dozens of boats, including wooden rowboats and Whitehulls, some of which are 100-years old, as well as new, sleek fiberglass racing shells. South End boats come in a variety of styles, including singles and doubles, and 2 wooden sweep barges rowed by 6-person crews, the South End and the Hurley.
Starter boats for cleared new rowers include the single-seat Savigliano, Murphy, and Brady.
Wooden Whitehull-style single-seat rowboats include the Penaat and Sal Reina.
Wooden doubles include Hulls 10 and 11, which we call “the police boats,” as these were donated to the South End by the former Police Athletic Club. Another wooden double is the Dan O’Neill.
Viking-class wooden racing boats include the Thor single, and two doubles, the Valkyrie and Valhalla. Vikings are for advanced, cleared rowers only.
South End fiberglass racing shells include a fleet of 21-foot and 24-foot shells, including shells by Maas. The newest addition to the shell fleet is the John Lynch, added in 2014.
The South End also displays in our boathouse out-of-service wooden shells from years past, including Pocock boats, popularized again recently in the New York Times bestselling book, “Boys in the Boat” about the University of Washington’s journey to the 1936 Olympics. 
London Sister Club
The South End’s official rowing sister club is the Dittons Skiff and Punting Club, located along the River Thames near London. We keep the framed letter of our sister club agreement with Dittons in the South End boathouse, located above the logbook.
Read more about punting and skiffing on the Dittons Club website, here:
How to Start Rowing
South End boats may only be rowed by cleared, trained members of the South End Rowing Club.
South End boats are not available to the public, nor available for rent.
For questions on how to be cleared, email the South End’s Rowing Commissioner or Boathouse Captain. 

2017 Rowing Calendar

BOAT NIGHTS to resume Feb 2, 2017, Every Thursday Evening 6:30- 9:00PM

Register for a rowing clinic here.

South End rowers are encouraged to join all of the regattas and special events held throughout the year.
Thursday, Dec 8 2016: Annual Rowers Dinner
Sunday, Jan 1 2017: NYD Alcatraz Swim with Row Support 
Sunday, Feb 26:  Krispy Kreme Row
Sunday, Mar 5: Rower's Meeting Bonfire, Ocean Beach
Sunday, Mar 26: Norm Petersen Regatta
Saturday, April 1: McCovey Cove Regatta (Hosted by Dolphin Club)
Sunday, April 9: Open Ocean Regatta (Hosted by Open Water Rowing-Sausalito)
Saturday, May 6: Tom & Jerry’s Three Buoy Regatta
Saturday, June 10: North Tahoe Regatta (Hosted by Open Water Rowing)
Friday, June 16: Coffee Row
Sunday, Aug 27: Wooden Boat Classic Regatta
Saturday, Sept 9: Angel Island Regatta (Hosted by Dolphin Club)
Saturday, TBD: SERC vs. DC Triathlon 
Saturday, Nov 4: Bridge to Bridge Regatta 
Thursday, Nov 16 2017: Annual Rowers Dinner at 6:30pm
Sunday, TBD: Ho, Ho, Ho Row

Rowing Commissioner: Janie Bryant

Boathouse Captain: Cy Lo