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Welcome to the South End Rowing Club

Our history begins in 1873 and continues to be made by members
who break records and take on ever more daring feats.
The South End Rowing Club is a San Francisco institution and the city's oldest swimming and rowing club

We are oldest of the clubs founded solely for the purpose of rowing in 1873. We expanded to include swimming, handball, and running as club sponsored sports shortly afterwards. We also host the longest running St. Patrick's Day Luncheon in San Francisco!

When visiting the club, you'll notice we are more historical, and less state-of-the-art. The six-oared barge South End was christened on Valentine's Day in 1915 and is still in use for regattas. Portions of the current building at 500 Jefferson Street were moved from our original site, which is now part of ATT Park. And our swimmers, while they come in all ages, well - some of them nearly date back to our beginnings in 1873 too.

There is something for everyone at the South End Rowing Club. We hope you'll visit us, become a member, and see why we call it 'the best club on earth'. Join and contribute to our community and celebrate the San Francisco Bay with us.

We are located at 500 Jefferson Street on the East side of Aquatic Park in San Francisco.

Support the renovation and preservation
of our historic club

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Our home: Aquatic Park, San Francisco, CA