New Member Information

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New Member Information

Welcome to the best club on Earth! Thank you for joining a long history and tradition of enjoying the San Francisco Bay more intimately than most people!

You should be receiving your welcome packet from the club after we have received your application, signed waiver, and payment. The packet will include your keycard and a club sticker. You should also be hearing from a member by phone and/or email welcoming you to the club and offering to answer any questions you may have. She or he will offer to meet up with you at the club for a tour and swim/row/run/handball game. You should be getting both your welcome packet and contacted by the Guide Dog within a few weeks of you sending in your application. If you do not hear from your Guide Dog, please contact the club at so we can get it sorted out!

You can get involved with the club right off the bat! One of the best ways to meet new members is to volunteer for one of our Club Swims as no experience is necessary for helping out with registration, body marking, cooking, or clean-up. We do host regular clinics to learn how to use the kayaks, rowboats, and zodiacs. You MUST be on the approved list of rowers and zodiac pilots to use either of those. Rowers must take the rowing clinic which our Rowing Commissioner hosts about once a month.

One of the main ways to hear about what's going on at the club is to join the email lists, especially the Google Groups. You will hear about swims, social events, clinics, etc. quickly if you're on the Google Groups! Don't miss a swim or social event by not being on it!

Other important pages on this website that will help you orientate yourself with the club:

General questions? Contact the Office Manager at

Membership Questions? Contact Membership Commissioner, Kathy Bailey, at