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Membership Benefits

Joining the club has a lot of benefits in addition to use of our locker rooms, shower, and sauna! These include, but are not limited to:
  • Join anytime! No waiting periods
  • Participate in club events as soon as you join!
  • No minimum membership obligations
  • 24/7/365 club access!
  • Keycard to access the club whenever you want
  • Ability to swim anywhere outside the club between Fort Mason and the end of the Breakwater ("Creakers") along with anywhere inside the cove
  • Free Sunriser Swims
  • Regular monthly Club Swims
  • Monthly Full Moon swims
  • Free club kayak usage
  • Free boat usage (approved rowers only! Must take rowing clinic beforehand and be authorized by the Rowing Commissioner)
  • Club gym access
  • Handball court access
  • Weekly Wednesday morning running group
  • Bi-monthly Club Happy Hours
  • Club Newsletter

And of course the lifelong friendships! Many members view the club as their second family as it is 100% volunteer-based. We all come to the club from different places and for different reasons and are united by our love for the club's culture and spirit. You can make the club be whatever you need it to be..a social place, getaway from your crazy life, marathon swimming training ground, or anything else you want it to be for you. There are no obligations for doing any minimum amount of work or participation here!

There is absolutely no minimum requirement before you can participate on a Sunriser Swim or Club Swim. Know your limits of how far you can swim and if you underestimate, then both kinds of swims have boat support and we will get you out of the water. You may swim on a Sunriser or Club Swim as soon as you join the club with no waiting period.

Join today and find out why we are considered "the best club on Earth!"

Membership Questions? Contact Membership Commissioner at

Melissa Berkay gives the club the thumbs up!